Mental Health, Suicide Prevention 03.28.2017

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Meeting Nebraska’s Suicide Prevention Training Mandate

In Nebraska, suicide is a leading cause of death for children 10-19 which prompted lawmakers to pass a law requiring educators to go through suicide prevention and awareness training.

In the state of Nebraska, suicide is the first leading cause of death for children ages 10-14 and the second leading cause of death for ages 15-19. Recent legislation requires every educator in the state to go through one hour of annual suicide prevention and awareness training. This includes all public school nurses, teachers, counselors, school psychologists, administrators, school social workers, and other appropriate personnel.

The Nebraska Department of Education’s (NDE) Office of School Safety and Security created a systematic approach to suicide prevention training for education systems. Kognito At-Risk for PK-12 Educators simulation series readily fulfilled the NDE’s criteria: (1) being evidence-based, (2) delivering a common language and prevention message statewide, (3) enabling collection of data statewide, (4) providing equal access for all school personnel, and (5) affording teachers and staff opportunity to, enhance assets for their personal resume.

Kognito simulations were rolled out seamlessly and cost-effectively in 2015 and will be made continuously available for five years.

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