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Conversation. Connection. Collaboration.

Kognito’s virtual, conversation training programs help strengthen school-parent-community collaboration by reinforcing trust, a shared vision, and a common language that is based in understanding, caring and equity to support the whole child.

Content Modeled on Evidence-based Practices

Developed by experienced teachers, child psychologists and early childhood educators, each 5-30 minute interactive program is shown to result in statistically significant changes in attitudes and behaviors for its users.

Personalized, Strategic Implementation

Kognito’s simulation methodology has been determined to be evidence-based in peer-reviewed studies.

Ongoing, Responsive Customer Support

You have our support every step of the way. Through live phone, email and an online Technical Support center, Kognito’s Customer Service team will help you (and your users) ensure ongoing, successful usage.

Unlimited Access to Practice and Improve

Users can practice Kognito’s virtual, interactive conversations as many times as needed, whenever they’d like from any device, gaining greater insight and skills for real-life scenarios.

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Emotional and Mental Wellness

  • Understand the role of emotional and mental wellness in overall health.
  • Identify potentially concerning changes in behavior.
  • Help children recognize and verbalize their feelings and build resiliency.
  • Determine best actions in response to listening to your children.

Friend2Friend: Emotional & Mental Wellness

  • Understand the powerful role parents and caregivers play in influencing a teen’s substance use.
  • Conduct non-judgmental, open conversations about substance-use decision-making.
  • Acquire a variety of strategies to engage teens better in this topic.
  • Ensure a teen feels heard, helping make it more possible to hear parents and caregivers.

Safe and Caring Schools

  • Understand the powerful role parents and caregivers play in the lives of their children.
  • Explore ways to talk with an adolescent, ensuring they feel safe in talking about their feelings.
  • Identify behaviors of concern, including signs of bullying harassment, self-harm and threats.
  • Seek appropriate actions or support when you hear something of concern.

Calm Parents, Healthy Kids

  • Anticipate and prepare for situations that are likely to involve parent-child conflict.
  • Learn how to to appropriately and calmly respond to a child in a high-emotion situation.
  • Focus on consequences that do not impact a child’s sense of safety, trust or self-esteem.
  • De-escalate situations by drawing attention to desired behavior vs. undesired behavior.

Kognito has been instrumental in providing training to over 1.5 million educators, administrators, students, and their communities.

Learn More About the Real-World Impact of Kognito

Prioritizing Student Mental Health: Holistic Approaches to Supporting Student Wellbeing

Last month, the U.S. Department of Education launched a Return to School Roadmap and a corresponding report that outlines strategies for addressing the impact of lost instructional time. In line with one of the Roadmap’s priorities to “build school communities and support students’ social, emotional, and mental health,” the report provides recommendations for engaging with […]

New Simulations to Enhance Parent & Community Engagement for PK-12 Schools

Kognito’s new bundle of interactive learning experiences are designed to boost parent and community engagement and help effectively lead conversations around challenging topics.

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