Violence Prevention Suite

Safe and supportive schools are crucial to the healthy development and well-being of children and youth. Our Violence Prevention Suite offers a scalable, community approach to upstream violence prevention.

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violence prevention suite in schools

In 2019, according to the CDC's Youth Behavior Risk Survey,
1 in 5 students reported being bullied on school property

There is a strong correlation between school climate and student outcomes. An environment that fosters belonging as well as a sense of positive identity among students allows them to thrive.  Per the CDC, research has demonstrated that prevention efforts by teachers, administrators, parents, community members, and even students can reduce violence and improve the school environment.


Suite goals and outcomes:

Healthier attitudes

Greater resiliency and lifelong coping skills

Stronger relationships

More Confidence

Higher academic, social and behavioral outcomes

Safer, more caring schools

Violence Prevention Products

Gives educators the tools they need to prevent and manage bullying incidents in the classroom and on school property. Simulated conversations allow educators to practice techniques to address biased language and reinforces their responsibility to report bullying incidences.

Educators and staff play an instrumental role in creating an environment of connectedness. This simulation allows the user to practice recognizing signs of student distress, how to engage in a caring conversation and knowing how to make a referral to support services.

This simulation explores the role of the parent in fostering a safe and healthy school environment. Users will learn how to recognize the signs of a  student in distress and engage in a caring conversation that creates a supportive environment.

This simulation builds awareness and skills relating to the growing epidemic of teen dating violence. The practice-based training gives educators the knowledge and skills to identify different forms of abuse and the confidence to have a trauma-informed disclosure conversation with a student.

This simulation helps elementary and high school students build skills and awareness to reduce school violence through open communication, recognizing concerning behavior and having the confidence to report this to a trusted adult.

This simulation gives students the ability to engage in practice scenarios involving bullying so they can develop effective techniques to manage these situations among other students and peers. It's widely known that students too contribute to creating a positive school climate.

Kognito has been instrumental in providing training to over 1.5 million educators, administrators, students, and their communities.

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