Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health findings recommend Postvention Training to Support COVID-19 Student Trauma

October 18, 2022 – Burlington, MA 2022 – Kognito, an experiential learning company, announced the release of Postvention as Prevention: Coping with Loss at School, a research article published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.


Kognito’s research team, in collaboration with Ascend Learning’s Innovative Sciences group, conducted a year-long research study using several methodologies to demonstrate the critical need for postvention training among educators, administrators and school staff to support the mental and emotional health and well-being of students as a result of COVID-19.


“This study demonstrates the efficacy of an online, virtual role-play simulation used to train educators and school staff in identification, approach and referral of at-risk students who may be experiencing distress associated with loss due to the pandemic. We believe that research like this continues to support the use of innovative gaming technology to teach people how they can be active participants in improving school climate, fostering a sense of safety, and ultimately supporting student mental and behavioral health.”  Nikita Khalid, Doctoral Candidate CUNY Graduate Center, Research Scientist, Kognito.


Level one data showed that 92% of participants would recommend the simulation to a colleague while 82% indicated that the training is based on relevant, real-life scenarios. Pre and post survey data showed a significant mean Likert scale increase in both trainee preparedness and self-efficacy to identify and refer a student in distress to support, recognize behavior changes, engage in selfcare and motivate a college to connect with support.


Khalid continued, “Overall, this data demonstrates the critical need for postvention training and provides encouraging evidence around the efficacy of virtual role play simulations in preparing educators and staff to lead postvention efforts in their school communities.”


The pandemic has had an enormous impact on the most vulnerable population, our children and it is estimated that worldwide 5.2 million have lost either a parent or caregiver. Such adverse experiences oftentimes lead to anxiety, depression, substance use and suicidal ideation. The objective of the research study was to analyze the effectiveness of a virtual role-play simulation such as Coping with Loss at School in providing critical postvention training for educators and staff.


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