Kognito Releases Spanish Language Versions of Core SEL Trainings for Parents/Caregivers

BURLINGTON, Mass., Sept. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kognito, an experiential learning company, announced today that in an effort to expand the reach of its products, it will now offer three core social emotional learning (SEL) trainings in Spanish. These trainings guide parents and caregivers in creating a healthy, nurturing environment for their children by promoting an open dialogue around emotional and mental wellness, upstream violence prevention, and substance use.


Kognito’s practice-based learning helps to cultivate a school-wide web of support for students, including giving parents and caregivers strategies and tips around ensuring the mental health and healthy decision-making of their children. Each interactive product is designed to be flexible, ranging from 5-10 minutes in length, where parents and caregivers can navigate the content based on their specific needs and concerns with the ability to return to the product at any time for answers to their questions.


Products available in Spanish:


  • Emotional & Mental Wellness for Parents & Caregivers examines strategies that help build resilience, teach how to identify potentially concerning behavior, and how to better support their children and overcome barriers to seeking help.
  • Safe & Caring Schools for Parents & Caregivers is designed to allow learners to practice reflecting on their role in fostering a safe and caring school, recognize when a student may be in distress, understand the potential resources for support, and engage in a caring conversation in a safe practice environment.
  • Substance Use for Parents & Caregivers helps to initiate conversations about healthy choices and substance use, which in turn has a strong and positive influence on adolescent decision-making. Parents and caregivers practice talking with a teenager about drinking and healthy choices, exploring the ways to discuss the risks, set expectations, and imagine scenarios with teens that will help them better manage tough situations involving substances.


“Kognito is excited to expand its library of offerings in our Spanish speaking parent and community market through the release of these three simulations. Each of these products fill a vital need in our whole school ecosystem approach,” said Nadia Stamp, Kognito Product Manager. “The programs provide parents and caregivers critical resources for developing and supporting the mental health and well-being of children.”


To learn more about Kognito please visit www.kognito.com. For more information about the products we offer in Spanish, contact us at info@kognito.com.


SOURCE Kognito

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