Kognito’s Dating Violence Awareness Simulation Trains Educators on the Signs of Abuse and Student Support

BURLINGTON, Mass., Feb. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kognito is pleased to announce the new release of an interactive training, Dating Violence Awareness for Educators. This simulation meets the training requirements across many states by giving educators the tips and strategies they need to recognize the signs of partner violence, identifying who might be at risk and knowing when to make a referral to support. Research has shown that approximately one in three teenagers will experience dating violence and having just one trusted adult can positively impact student outcomes.


“More than 38 states have enacted legislation to support education, awareness, and prevention of dating violence. Dating Violence Awareness for Educators helps the learner to develop critical skills around identifying students who may be in an abusive relationship and it’s really our conversational approach that builds the competence and confidence in users to more effectively transfer the techniques and skills learned to real-life scenarios.” Nadia Stamp, Product Manager, Kognito


Kognito’s virtual conversation and practice approach as well as its interactive scenarios guides educators and school staff in understanding the nuances of dating violence. This simulation particularly focuses on the less obvious forms of abuse such as manipulation, control, verbal, mental, and emotional abuse, and crossing inappropriate boundaries.


About Kognito
Kognito is a leading provider of practice-based digital learning experiences that provide strategies to improve mental health and well-being across schools, campuses, and communities. Built on an interactive platform, the company’s products integrate several evidence-based models and techniques, game mechanics, and learning principles, allowing users to learn by engaging in role-play conversations with emotionally responsive humans. Through practice and personalized feedback, users learn and assess their competency to lead similar real-life conversations. Kognito has been instrumental in providing training to over 1 million educators, administrators, students, and their communities. This innovative approach is changing lives by increasing user confidence and awareness on complex topics that impact critical thinking and decision-making. For more information, visit Kognito.com.


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