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Sexual Misconduct Prevention Suite

The Sexual Misconduct Prevention Suite offers two practice-based learning simulations to equip faculty, staff and students with the knowledge and skills to navigate difficult situations related to sexual misconduct, child abuse, neglect and trafficking in a safe and private practice environment.

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Creating a Safer and More Connected Campus

These evidence-based simulations equip students, faculty and staff with the necessary skills to foster a safe and supportive campus culture around issues related to sexual misconduct and Title IX requirements. Users gain knowledge and skills in a safe and private practice environment.

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Suite goals and outcomes:

Creating a safer, more caring campus

Recognize warning signs

Analyze strategies for intervening and responding effectively

Understand referring peers to resource services

Determining consent

Suite Collection of Products

This simulation equips college students with the skills to navigate difficult situations related to sexual misconduct in a safe and private practice environment. Students will gain knowledge and skills on how to be an active bystander, respond effectively to a friend who has experienced trauma, and determine if consent has been given.

This simulation provides essential information and learning practice for faculty and staff, including those affiliated with NCAA athletic programs, in harassment prevention and awareness campaigns as defined in the Clery Act, Title VIII, Title IX, VAWA. Learners will gain the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence to effectively recognize, report, and prevent sexual misconduct against students.

This product also contains a lesson from Protecting Our Youth to train faculty, staff, coaches, and social work students in preventing, identifying, and reporting child abuse, neglect, and trafficking.

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