Trauma-informed Policing with Tribal Youth

Trauma-informed Policing with Tribal Youth is an interactive role-play simulation for law enforcement professionals that builds knowledge about the effects of historical and intergenerational trauma on tribal youth, and prepares officers to lead more effective real-life interactions with tribal youth.

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PK-12 and Government/Non-Profit

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Law Enforcement

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Other and Trauma-Informed Teaching

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30 Minutes



Tribal youth who have experienced trauma in their lives, families, and communities for generations may be susceptible to perceived threats which can escalate interactions with law enforcement. Better understanding of this historical and intergenerational trauma can help lead to positive police-youth interactions.

In this simulation, users assume the role of a police officer and talk with a virtual tribal youth who has been accused of stealing. Users try different approaches to see what works best to uncover the truth.

The goal of Trauma-informed Policing with Tribal Youth is to improve law enforcement officers' interactions with tribal youth.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how young peoples' behaviors are influenced by the trauma they or their families have experienced
  • Communicate with tribal youth using techniques that fosters trust and builds rapport
  • Avoid using approaches or engaging in behaviors that are likely to traumatize or re-traumatize tribal youth
  • Know where to find behavioral/mental health resources

A pilot study found that the simulation results in statistically significant increases in skill, self-efficacy, and behavioral intent regarding trauma-informed policing techniques.

Users receive customized feedback based on their in-simulation choices.

The simulation is available online 24/7. Users are asked to complete pre-, post-, and 3-month follow up surveys to assess changes in skills. Attitudes, and behavior. Upon completion, users receive a certificate of completion.  Clients have access to usage reports and evaluation data via the Kognito client portal.

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