Vincent Thomasino

Chief Technology Officer

Vince has always loved to build things -- from baubles to hardware and software. His passion for tinkering is the underpinning of his commitment to continuous innovation. At Kognito, Vince is applying that same desire to lead the company's technology strategy, bringing fresh ideas and insights to initiatives across data science, distributed systems, computer graphics, and human simulation. Before joining Kognito in 2013, Vince led teams in projects for Fortune 500 companies, military, and government agencies at Verizon and Kodak and in his own set of diverse businesses.


Ron Goldman

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Glenn Albright

Co-Founder and Director of Research

Brian Nido

Director of Client Experience

Ginny Lobel

Vice President of Marketing

Deborah Serri

Senior Vice President of Production

Stephen Shinnick

Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer Spiegler

Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Vincent Thomasino

Chief Technology Officer