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Conversations that save lives

Kognito is impacting the lives of our communities around the world by inspiring individuals to listen, learn, to take action and make a difference.

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About Kognito


Kognito offers evidence-based experiential learning proven to change lives


For 20 years, Kognito has been a leading provider of practice-based digital learning experiences which provides strategies to improve mental health and well-being across schools, campuses, and communities. Built on an interactive platform that integrates several evidence-based models and techniques, game mechanics, and learning principles, users learn by engaging in role-play conversations with emotionally responsive humans.

Through practice and personalized feedback, users learn and assess their competency to lead similar real-life conversations. Currently more than 1.5 million users have completed a practice-based learning experience. Kognito is changing lives by fostering conversations around important topics including suicide prevention, social emotional learning, violence prevention, substance use, and more.

Our Approach to Learning

Kognito simulations are built on research, neuroscience, and social cognition. We use a conversation platform and virtual practice environment to guide users in meaningful discussions related to complex and challenging social and mental health-related topics.

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