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Creating a Healthy and Safe Campus Environment for All

Kognito offers a complete campus safety and wellness library to build critical life skills. This type of skill-building has a measurable impact while cultivating a campus-wide web of support.

Improving Mental Health Fosters an Inclusive Community

Kognito is committed to the mental health and well-being of students, faculty and administrators. We offer a variety of experiential learning simulations that give our users the confidence to start more conversations around complex topics such as substance use, sexual misconduct, and suicide prevention. Our mission is to help college students improve their mental health while supporting administrators and staff in their efforts to create safe campuses which foster an inclusive community.

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Chooses Kognito for Mental Health & Well-being Support 

The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Counseling Center is a recognized leader in suicide prevention training. They have adopted both At-Risk Mental Health for Students and At Risk for Mental Health for Faculty to teach their campus community how to spot warning signs of distress, how to respond, and how to connect students/peers with support services. Learn more by downloading the case study here.

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Our campus topics of skill-building experiences includes:

Mental Health & Well-being

Inclusion and Belonging

Sexual Misconduct Prevention 

Alcohol & Substance Use Prevention 

Build the Capacity of Your Entire Campus Community

Kognito was developed for a variety of audiences to provide simulated virtual learning experiences to help build their confidence to lead conversations related to mental health, and complex social issues.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff are often the first individuals to see distress in students. It's important that they have access to mental health support training so they can advise students and refer them to support when necessary. 



Kognito simulations give college students tips and strategies related to mental health and helps them navigate other social issues they might face such as sexual misconduct, prescription drug use, inclusion, suicide prevention and violence. 

Higher Education New Releases

Explore Kognito's latest products to support campus wellness.


Sexual Misconduct Prevention for Faculty & Staff

Audience: Faculty & Staff

  • Engages faculty & staff in critical thinking to equip them with strategies to navigate difficult situations
  • Virtual coaches use real-life situations to teach faculty & staff the elements of sexual misconduct prevention
  • Education and training leads to a safer and more connected campus
Prescription Drug Course

Prescription Drugs

Audience: Undergraduate Students

  • Students learn safe medication use, refusal skills & help-seeking strategies
  • Virtual coaches explain the risks of prescription drug misuse
  • Simulations offer strategies for students to use in unexpected situations
Cultivating Inclusive Communities

Cultivating Inclusive Communities

Audience: Faculty & Staff

  • Courageous conversations create an inclusive campus community
  • Learners examine their role in fostering inclusion on campus
  • Simulations coach the user on evaluating diverse perspectives
Faculty & Staff

How to Purchase

Kognito is adaptable to any learning environment which is why we offer four ways to purchase our simulation products.

By Bundle

Product bundles offer the opportunity to provide tailored content to specific audiences including students and faculty & staff.

By Library

We offer a full library of purchase options to support all aspects of your campus and community needs.

By Suite

Purchase based on specific topics most critical to your college or universities needs at this moment.

By Product

Explore all products within our Kognito library and choose the learning simulations that work best for your community needs.

Featured Resources

Explore helpful resources, industry research, insightful webinars, and news.

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Learn more about how you can give students and faculty the tools they need to address mental health, create a safe campus culture, and foster inclusivity with Kognito.

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A study that demonstrates how the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign leveraged our At-Risk products to teach their campus community how to spot warning signs of distress, how to respond, and how to connect students/peers with support services.


Learn how Kognito's student wellness and campus climate programs empower faculty, staff, and students to take an active role in creating a healthy and safe campus environment for all.

texas a&m

Learn how Texas State University and Texas A&M are using our At-Risk products to support the mental health and well-being of their students.

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