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Our blog features a variety of content from the latest trends and social issues impacting education, to interviews with subject matter experts and clients who are successfully using Kognito products. Additionally, we also feature cutting edge research from our in-house team related to student and athlete mental health, product efficacy and cultivating resiliency after trauma. Check in weekly for the latest blog updates.

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New Friend2Friend Simulation Develops Key Skills in Identifying and Preventing Bullying

According to the CDC, 1 in 5 students reported being bullied on school property. Learn more about our new product for students, Friend2Friend: Bullying Prevention, and how it helps to build safe and inclusive school climates.

Friend2Friend: Resiliency & Growth Teaches Life-long Skills with Measurable Impact

We’re excited to announce the release of a new training program joining our products for students, Friend2Friend: Resiliency & Growth. Learn more about this simulation and the importance for learning these skills to set the foundation for improved outcomes both academically and socially.

Protecting our Youth from Abuse, to Neglect, & Trafficking:
A Conversation with Youth Protection Advocate Carissa Coons

With the release of our product Protecting Our Youth, we’ve had many discussions with professionals on the importance of training that teaches skills in identifying, preventing, and reporting child abuse, neglect and trafficking. Check out this interview with youth protection advocate and subject matter expert Carissa Coons for more insight.

6 Ways to Improve Mental Health on Campus

Higher education leaders: Discover 6 tips to improve mental health on campus, and learn about an engaging way to support student well-being through our Mental Health Suite.

Increase in Substance Use Around Finals?

Many students will spend long hours studying, and some will turn to prescription drugs to help. Here’s a look at the current state of prescription drug misuse on campuses and what educators and higher education leaders can do to combat the growing issue.

How Can Your District Help Students Thrive According to Their Unique Potential?

Learn more about our new product Teaching Resiliency & Growth for Educators and how it can help students in and out of the classroom to identify and manage their goals, setbacks, and successes.

Case Study: Houston Area School District Uses Kognito to Train Over 8,000 Educators

Learn more about how Alief Independent School District adopted several Kognito simulations to improve the mental health and wellness of their educators and students.

Bullying from an Educator’s Perspective: A Conversation with Sharon Stevens of Cleveland Metro Schools

Read for insights from our conversation with Sharon Stevens on how educators, parents/caregivers, and students can address and prevent bullying on and off school grounds.

New Training Helps Teachers Identify, Prevent & Report Child Abuse, Neglect, & Human Trafficking

Learn more about our newly released professional development training on identifying, preventing, and reporting child abuse, neglect, and trafficking.

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