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Our blog features a variety of content from the latest trends and social issues impacting education, to interviews with subject matter experts and clients who are successfully using Kognito products. Additionally, we also feature cutting edge research from our in-house team related to student and athlete mental health, product efficacy and cultivating resiliency after trauma. Check in weekly for the latest blog updates.

Strategies for Supporting Student Well-being on Campus this Fall

As higher education leaders prepare for students to return to campus this fall, the spotlight continues to shine on mental health awareness. Here are 6 ways higher education leaders can effectively address students’ emotional well-being.

Getting Back-to-School Ready and Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Students

Students are about to return to the classroom. Here’s a look at how schools and districts across the country are supporting student mental and emotional health this fall.

Webinar Recap: Effective Communication Skills That Support the College Experience

Recently, we held a webinar to discuss how effective communication skills support students’ college experience. Read for highlights and find where to watch the full recording if you missed it.

Tools and Tips: How to Help Transition a First Year Student Successfully to College

Prior to the first semester, it’s vital that faculty, staff, orientation leaders, and directors build a connection with incoming students to create a foundation for success. Here are some tools and tips on how to ensure incoming students can successfully transition to college life.

Webinar Recap: Teach Lifelong Communication Skills Through Practice-Based Learning

We recently held a webinar with a panel of experts discussing mental health and the lifelong communication skills that educators and students need in order to thrive both in and out of the classroom. Continue reading for highlights and find where to watch the full webinar.

Tending to Children’s Mental Health During Summer Break

It’s that time of year again! Students are out for summer vacation. Here are some ways parents and caregivers can help their children during summer break to keep their mental health on track and get them ready to transition back to school in the fall.

Kognito Updates: New Content Delivery Offerings for School Districts and Universities

Kognito Campus 2.0 is here! Hear from Merideth Tumasz, Product Manager for Platforms, to learn more about Kognito’s implementation offerings, new Learning Management System (LMS), and the benefits this will provide clients.

The 4 Steps of Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing (MI) plays an important role when it comes to discussing mental health or positive decision-making with children, teens, and adults. Use the acronym OARS to remember the 4 steps of MI.

5 Ways Educators and Faculty Can Help Support LGBTQ+ Students

School districts, colleges, and universities can make a meaningful difference in supporting students and prevention bias. In this blog, find 5 ways educators and faculty can support LGBTQ+ students.

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