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Fostering Safe and Supportive School Communities

Kognito offers experiential learning which helps cultivate a school-wide web of support for students. These life-long skills provide continuous learning and a measurable impact on the learning environment.

The Whole Child Approach

Kognito delivers a practice based social emotional learning curriculum that helps educators and students build critical life skills to navigate difficult real-life situations, leading to more positive outcomes both in and out of the classroom. A holistic approach enables students to thrive academically, while also developing other important life skills. Research demonstrates that the most effective way to foster healthy child and young adult development is through practice. Kognito provides students, parents, and the community with the opportunity to build skills focused on mental health and well-being through a virtual learning environment.

Fairfax County Public Schools trained 20,000 educators and increased student referrals to mental health services by over 30%
of Educators rate Kognito as "Good", "Very Good" or "Excellent"
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Build the Capacity of Your Entire School Community

Children and youth are shaped by their experiences at school, at home, and in the community. That’s why our solutions help give the entire school community confidence leading impactful conversations in their own lives.

Educators & Staff

Kognito provides educators, staff, and school administrators with the skills they need to be strong mental health advocates for students and to understand when to make a referral to professional services. 


Students benefit from Kognito because it gives them the opportunity to practice real-life conversations in a safe, virtual environment. The scenarios allow them to build their skills in a practice-based manner.

Parents & Caregivers

Kognito gives parents and caregivers strategies and tips around ensuring the mental health of their children.  

PK - 12 Suites

Kognito is proud to offer simulation packages focused on a variety of meaningful topics and audiences.

Violence Prevention Scenarios

Violence Prevention Suite

  • Bullying Prevention for Educators & Staff
  • Dating Violence Awareness for Educators
  • Safe & Caring Schools for Educators & Staff
  • Safe & Caring Schools for Parents & Caregivers
  • Friend2Friend: Safe & Caring Schools
  • Friend2Friend: Bullying Prevention
Mental Health & Well Being Scenarios

Mental Health & Well-being Suite

  • Emotional & Mental Wellness for Educators & Staff
  • Emotional & Mental Wellness for Parents & Caregivers
  • Friend2Friend: Emotional & Mental Wellness
  • Friend2Friend: Substance Use
  • Substance Use for Parents & Caregivers
  • Trauma-Informed Practices
Bullying Prevention Scenarios

Building an Inclusive Culture Suite

  • Step In, Speak Up!
  • Resiliency & Growth for Educators
  • Friend2Friend: Resiliency & Growth

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Purchase Options

Kognito is a flexible solution and easily integrated into a variety of curriculums and professional development programs. We offer several ways to purchase our simulation products depending on what suits your needs. 

By Bundle

Product bundles offer schools and districts the opportunity to provide tailored content to the audiences they serve students, educators, and parents & caregivers.

By Library

We offer a full library of purchase options to support all aspects of your district and community needs.

By Suite

Purchase based on specific topics most critical to your school or districts needs at this moment including mental health and well-being and violence prevention.

By Product

Explore all products within our Kognito library and choose the learning simulations that work best for your community needs.

Featured Resources

Explore helpful resources, industry research, insightful webinars, and news.

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Learn more about Kognito's experiential learning products and how we're supporting the whole school approach through our Mental Health & Well-being suite.

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Take a deep look into Kognito's Mental Health & Well-being suite including the six products each of which is tailored to a specific audience found in the school community such as students, teachers, and parents/caregivers.

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Download your complimentary guide to learn how and where you can secure funding to help bring the power of Kognito’s experiential learning to your institution.

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A study that examines the impact of an online virtual human role-play simulation in teaching high school educators and staff to identify, talk to, and if necessary, refer students in psychological distress to support services.

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