Kognito brand to sunset beginning August

Kognito, as a brand, will be sunset, which includes winding down our library of resources and simulation products at the completion of our current customer agreements. As of August 2nd, we have stopped all selling and marketing activities of Kognito’s product portfolio.

We remain committed to active Kognito customers and will continue to serve these accounts through the term of existing agreements.

  • If you are a Kognito User and need support, please reach out to support@kognito.com
  • If you are a Kognito Client and have a question, please reach out to clientservices@kognito.com
  • Or you can call us direct at (212) 675-9234.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to all our partners, advisory panel members and collaborators over the years who have joined us to help learners gain vital behavioral skills to navigate challenging real-life situations.

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