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Our blog features a variety of content from the latest trends and social issues impacting education, to interviews with subject matter experts and clients who are successfully using Kognito products. Additionally, we also feature cutting edge research from our in-house team related to student and athlete mental health, product efficacy and cultivating resiliency after trauma. Check in weekly for the latest blog updates.

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Moving Beyond Compliance: Webinar Recap

Read for highlights of our latest webinar discussing our compliance-based Sexual Misconduct Prevention Suite for faculty, staff and students.

Student Athletes and Mental Health: Webinar Recap

Read here for some highlights from our latest webinar about student athletes and mental health and find out where to watch the full webinar.

Strategies for Destigmatizing the Conversation Around Suicide Prevention

There are many steps an individual can take to help combat the stigma around mental health conditions and suicide. In this infographic, we’ve outlined 8 ways you can help destigmatize the conversation around suicide prevention.

Combating teacher burnout: self-care strategies for educators

Learn why self-care is beneficial for both teachers and their students, and discover 7 actionable self-care strategies for teachers to prevent and reverse burnout.

Does your OSHA-compliant bloodborne pathogens training need a refresh?

Learn more about Bloodborne Pathogens, our new online OSHA-compliant training program in bloodborne pathogen education.

Shining a Light on Suicide Prevention: Resources for those Experiencing Distress

September is Suicide Prevention Month. Read for more vital resources and information to raise awareness for suicide prevention.

Should colleges rethink Sexual Misconduct Prevention for faculty and staff?

Coming Soon: Kognito’s new training solution, Sexual Misconduct Prevention for Faculty & Staff, rethinks traditional training and helps institutions meet legal requirements while keeping learners engaged.

How PK-12 schools are getting back-to-school ready amid mental health crisis

Students are about to return to the classroom, many for their first full year of in-person learning since before the pandemic. Here’s a look at how PK-12 schools across the country are supporting student mental and emotional health this fall.

Effectively address student well-being as you prepare for their return to campus this fall

As higher education leaders prepare for students to return to campus this fall, the spotlight continues to shine on mental health awareness. Here are 6 ways higher education leaders can effectively address students’ emotional well-being.

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