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Our blog features a variety of content from the latest trends and social issues impacting education, to interviews with subject matter experts and clients who are successfully using Kognito products. Additionally, we also feature cutting edge research from our in-house team related to student and athlete mental health, product efficacy and cultivating resiliency after trauma. Check in weekly for the latest blog updates.

Kognito Wins $4.8 Million Contract to Create Virtual Interview Skills Training Simulations for Veterans Health Administration

New York City, NY—Kognito announced today that it was awarded a contract, valued at $4.8 million, to provide a series of role-play simulations to the Veterans Health Administration.

Kognito is now part of Ascend Learning

A note from our co-founders, Ron Goldman and Glenn Albright

Virtual Humans: What Are They and Why Use Them?

Virtual humans help engage users, provide a safe and effective instructional environment, and more.

Fact v Fiction: What Parents, Educators & Friends Should Know About Suicide

Suicide is a significant public health problem worldwide. In 2010 alone, there were 38,364 suicides in the U.S. (105 per day; one suicide every 14 minutes), where suicide is the third leading cause of death among youth ages 10-24. There are an estimated 25 suicide attempts for each death by suicide.

August Highlights and Back-to-School Efforts

Greetings from Kognito’s Client Experience Team! We are pleased to share with our Kognito community that in August alone nearly 60,000 individuals accessed our simulations to learn how to lead real-life conversations that improve social, emotional, and physical health.

News from the 21st Annual Advancing School Mental Health Conference

Kognito’s SVP of Strategic Partnerships attended the 21st Annual Conference on Advancing School Mental Health in San Diego from Sept 29-Oct 1.

Fairfax County Schools Using Kognito to Stop Anti-LGBT Bullying

We’ve all heard it before. Friends teasing each other. A bully displaying negative behavior. Someone looking for attention by saying something risky enough to look bad, but not bad enough to reprimanded. And why are there no consequences for this anti-LGBTQ behavior? The problem is faculty and staff members don’t always know how to intervene in any type of bullying situation.

LGBTQ Youth: We Have (Some Of) the Data – What Can We Do About It?

The LQBTQ youth population has a high percentage of bullying and suicide attempts. Kognito discusses how we can help.

Talking About Talking with a High School Counselor

Jennifer Spiegler discusses how communication and words matter in PK-12 and how Kognito can help.

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