ACHA 2022 Annual Meeting Highlights

We recently exhibited at the ACHA 2022 Annual Meeting in San Diego, California. The theme of this year’s conference was Equity and Well-Being: The Future of College Health. The conference featured many key speakers and workshops, all highlighting the importance of the future of college health and the responsibility to build equitable systems that advance the well-being of college communities. Continue reading for a brief summary of the annual meeting and our key takeaways.

About ACHA

ACHA has a mission of advancing the health of college students and the campus community. Guests of this annual meeting were encouraged to gather and discuss the following:

  • Ways to increase knowledge, upskill professionals, and include evidence-based guidelines into college health practice in a variety of areas.
  • Collaborate and exchange ideas among college health professionals, students, and leaders in higher education.
  • Discuss opportunities to enhance health outcomes for college students and campus communities.
  • Describe the effect of diverse cultures and experiences on the health of individuals and communities.
  • Discuss the ways to integrate college health programs with the missions of the institutions we serve.

Visit the ACHA website for a list of the great speakers and events that took place at this year’s meeting.

Our key takeaways

ACHA 2022 Annual Meeting
Dawn Bornheimer, Director of Higher Education and Healthcare Partnerships, and Caitlin Beach, Sales Representative

We had great conversations with several vendors and Kognito clients about solutions that improve the mental health and well-being of college students, faculty, and campus communities. Here’s what we learned and discussed with attendees:

  • While many colleges and universities have adopted many ed tech solutions to improve the mental health and well-being of their students and faculty, they often feel overwhelmed about the number of [ed tech] options.” They want to better understand how these solutions can complement one another. See how the University of Kentucky is using several different mental health solutions to boost its support resources for students.
  • Many attendees of the conference were intrigued by the story of how our business originated. Learn more about Kognito and our mission here.
  • Kognito simulations have been implemented by schools and campuses in response to tragedies that left one or more communities in need of support. Learn how Houston area schools utilized Kognito to mitigate trauma from Hurricane Harvey here.

We continue to be inspired by educators and healthcare professionals who are making a difference in their college communities.

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