PK-12 Conversation Simulations: Evidence-Based Conversation Training for Schools and Districts

For more than a decade, Kognito has been developing conversation simulations to help prepare educators to address difficult real-life topics with their students. Our reasons for leveraging simulation technology in this manner are multifold. Simulations are easier to access and quicker to complete; they ensure a consistent learning experience for all teachers and staff; and they provide administrators with access to real-time tracking and insights reports. Perhaps the most important reason, however, is that our conversation simulations are evidence-based and research-proven.

The Evidence Behind Conversation Simulations 

How can we be so sure that a conversation simulator is an effective tool to build educators’ skills and encourage lasting change in their behavior?

For starters, all of our simulations incorporate several evidence-based models and techniques. Our foundational methods of motivational interviewing, emotional self-regulation, empathy, and reappraisal strategy have all been proven to have a lasting effect on changing a person’s attitude. Moreover, key learning and assessment principles like hands-on practice, contextual learning, personalized feedback, storytelling, and case-based approach are similarly known for being effective tactics in helping individuals develop new skills.  

Still, the involvement of such information in a development stage is not enough to demonstrate the efficacy of a simulation in its final format. So, to further ensure that our products are effective, we encourage research from reputable third-party sources.

Recent Research on Kognito’s PK-12 Conversation Simulations

Our solutions for PK-12 schools and districts have been assessed in a number of research papers published in the past year. Below, we share some of the major findings from these studies.

Journal of School Health


Enhancing Educator Engagement in School Mental Health Care Through Digital Simulation Professional Development

Authors: Michael W. Long SD, MPH; Dr. Glenn Albright; Jeremiah McMillan, BA; Dr. Kristen M. Shockley; Dr. Olga Acosta Price 

First published: August 2018


Journal of Technology in Behavioral Science


Training Teachers to Identify and Refer At-Risk Students Through Computer Simulation

Authors: Elizabeth Gates Bradley; Brittany Kendall 

First published: May 2019


Journal of LGBT Youth


Impact of a simulation on educator support of LGBTQ youth

Authors: Elizabeth Bradley; Dr. Glenn Albright; Jeremiah McMillan; Kristen Shockley

First published: March 2019 


To supplement these peer-validated reviews, our own research team has also dove into our plethora of survey data to create a variety of studies that further explore the impact that Kognito implementation can have in a school and district. We encourage you to explore our research on:


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