Kognito Updates: New Content Delivery Offerings for School Districts and Universities

You may have heard the news that Kognito Campus 2.0 is here. We recently sat down with Merideth Tumasz, Product Manager for Platforms at Kognito, to discuss our implementation offerings, Kognito’s new Learning Management System (LMS), and the benefits this will provide PK–12 schools, colleges, and universities.

Merideth’s role is to establish and manage the various ways we can deliver our content efficiently and provide accompanying information to our clients. This includes managing our LMS platform, improving and refining content integration capabilities, working on platform roadmaps and enhancements, implementing client feedback, and ensuring that all processes run smoothly for Kognito’s team as well as for our clients. While keeping up on the latest education technology trends and news, she continues to keep our offerings in line with the current needs of PK–12 school districts and higher education institutions.

Continue reading for more highlights from our conversation with Merideth about our new content delivery options.

Kognito’s Content Delivery Options and Their Benefits

We want our content to be delivered seamlessly to our clients, wherever and whenever they need it. That’s why we offer several content delivery options to meet their needs. Clients can use Kognito’s learning management platform to organize, deliver, and track courses or integrate with their own learning management platform via LTI, SCORM, or AICC. Each option has different benefits depending on what the institution needs.

Benefits of using Kognito’s Learning Management System (LMS):

  • SSO capabilities directly into Kognito’s LMS
  • Reporting capabilities for real-time course completion tracking
  • Custom URLs for the institution; create a custom URL to help increase adoption and have easy access to Kognito’s content
  • Administrative access to check user progress, compliance, and pull reports

Benefits of integrating with a clients’ institution’s platform:

  • Familiar platform navigation
  • Completions in one, centralized gradebook
  • Content and modules can be customized
  • Assignments can be customized by the institution

Using Kognito’s LMS

Here are several ways learners can access courses using Kognito’s LMS:

  • Utilizing their school’s SSO credentials and launch pages
  • Having accounts pre-created for users
  • Receiving email login instructions
  • Self-registering where the end user sets and maintains their own personal login credentials

When using the Kognito LMS, courses assigned to users are available as soon as they log in. Course completion is also tracked within the LMS, and real-time reporting is available to school administrators to download from the platform at any time. Using Kognito’s LMS is an option that allows for easy access to Parent and Community courses offered for PK–12 school districts, and to users who may not have access to their institution’s LMS.

content delivery offerings


Using Kognito Content in Clients’ LMS/Platform

When using content in the insti tution’s LMS, learners are able to login to their familiar platform with their school credentials. Kognito content is available as a full course, a module, or an individual assignment. Best of all, learners can receive completion data for their Kognito content all within the platform. Lastly, institutions have the ability to add school-specific resources or custom content within a course to supplement Kognito’s content.

content delivery offerings


Understanding Kognito’s LMS: A Discussion with Product Manager Merideth Tumasz

We wanted to know more about Kognito’s Learning Management System (LMS) and the benefits and implementation process. Since this is a brand-new update, we asked Merideth Tumasz, Product Manager for Platforms at Kognito, to give us the details.

What makes the new LMS beneficial to clients?

Moving to the new Kognito LMS allows us to deliver content seamlessly to our clients. This improves the user registration process, reduces the time it takes for a user to launch into the LMS, and provides easy access to our content.

We’re also able to offer SSO functionality, roster functionality, and streamline the self-registration process. In addition, the assignments process has been made more efficient, so we are able to assign courses by roles, grade bands, and user types on a much larger scale. With that, we offer smooth reporting that is able to track who is starting courses and who is completing courses. The LMS is also able to keep track of certificates after a course has been completed.

How can the new LMS be customized for individual clients?

The new LMS can create custom school landing pages for clients with logos and institution-specific language. Statewide or districtwide, we are able to create a unique landing page for this hierarchy. This way, users don’t have to remember a long URL and can log in to one location on an institutional level or through individual districts. Our clients can have custom resources for each individual course added in.

How long does it take to integrate Kognito content?

Most integrations into Kognito’s LMS take 4–6 weeks. Integrating Kognito content into your institution’s platform takes 1–2 weeks.

Can Kognito help automate assignments for students and employees?

Yes! Kognito is able to offer role-based assignment automation or assigning via roster file.

Key Takeaways: What to Expect Next from Kognito’s New LMS

All Kognito clients will be moved to the new LMS over the next year. The following are some of the changes to expect. Each institution, district, school, and client will:

  • Receive a new landing/login page that can be customized with their logo and preferred messaging.
  • Gain easy-to-access, enhanced reporting. Each institution, district, and school administrator will be able to report on completion data within their own Kognito Campus 2.0 user account.
  • Use a new reporting dashboard (coming soon!) with visually appealing reports that are available on demand, 24/7.
  • Assign courses by staff roles, individual schools, and grade bands.
  • Have the ability to upload rosters of staff, students, parents, and community members as well as SSO options.
  • Avoid delays! There will no longer be e nrollment keys. Our new self-registration option is simple and seamless.

If you have any questions about Kognito Campus 2.0, contact sales today. If you’re interested in our solutions for PK–12 and higher education, we invite you to take an interactive demo to experience the power of virtual humans.

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