Implementation Materials

Higher Ed IM Materials



Higher Education

For resources to the following products: At-Risk Mental Health for Faculty and Staff, At-Risk Mental Health for Students, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Sexual Misconduct Prevention, Prescription Drugs and Cultivating Inclusive Communities

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PK12 IM Materials




For resources to the following products: At-Risk PK-12, Bloodborne Pathogens, Bullying, Emotional and Mental Wellness, Protecting Our Youth, Resilient Together Coping with Loss, Safe and Caring Schools, Step In Speak Up, Supporting Military Children, Teaching Resiliency and Growth for Educators, Trauma Informed Practices, Friend 2 Friend, Calm Parents Healthy Kids, Community Programs for Parents

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Healthcare IM Materials




For resources to the following products: HPV Vaccine, Opioid Use Disorder, SBI Skills Assessment, SBI with Adolescents, SBI with Adolescents Comorbid Substance Use & Mental Health, SBI with Adults

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General IM Materials



General and Technical Material

For all other resources to get Kognito set up at your school

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