Improve patient-provider communication, collaborative care, and health outcomes.

Kognito role-play simulations enable organizations to rapidly build the capacity of health professionals, consumers, and caregivers to lead real-life conversations that improve social, emotional, and physical health.


Turnkey Solution

Our simulations can be quickly deployed and include features and services designed to reduce staff time needed for roll-out, driving user engagement.


Over 95% of our users recommend Kognito to their colleagues. By incorporating role-plays with virtual humans, our simulations provide instructionally superior experiences that result in measurable improvements.

Widespread Adoption

Our simulations have been deployed by leading healthcare organizations, state/local agencies, and schools of health professions.


Our online client portal provides access to real-time usage tracking and analytics to gain insights into behavior change.

Purchase Options

Organizations can purchase yearly subscriptions to one or more of our simulations or partner with us to develop a tailored simulation that addresses their unique needs.


Our simulations are research-proven and evidence-based. Several are also listed in SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.

Market Highlights

Chronic Disease, Patient-Provider Communication

Changing the Conversation on Childhood Obesity

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Institute for Healthy Childhood Weight partnered with Kognito to create Change Talk: Childhood Obesity™
Substance Use

Preparing Tomorrow’s Nurses to Fight Addiction

The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON) uses Kognito’s SBI clinical training simulations to prepare nursing students to identify young people at risk of addiction during routine medical visits.
Patient-Provider Communication, Substance Use

Preparing Pediatricians to Talk with Teens about Performance Enhancing Substances

The American Academy of Pediatrics and Kognito partnered to address the use of appearance and performance-enhancing substances among youths.
Patient-Provider Communication

Improving Patient-Physician Communications and the Appropriate Prescribing of Antibiotics

Kognito’s Primary Care Office Visit: Antibiotics clinical training simulation was developed with the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Mental Health, Patient-Provider Communication, Substance Use

Using Role-play Conversations to Improve the Quality of Adolescent Mental Health Care

The University of Maryland School of Medicine engaged with Kognito and other partners to adapt Kognito's research-proven At-Risk in Primary Care simulation to make it relevant to those who work ...
Mental Health, Patient-Provider Communication

Harnessing the Power of Conversations with Virtual Humans to Change Health Behaviors

Kognito’s research about Harnessing the Power of Conversations with Virtual Humans to Change Health Behaviors published in mHealth.

Testimonials and Videos

Clients Include

  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • NORC
  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide
  • WheelerClinic
  • Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
  • UofMI