Kognito Mental Health & Well-being Suite

Supporting the whole child

The Mental Health & Well-being Suite offers school districts an easy to implement, accessible, and scalable community approach to creating a safe learning environment for students, teachers and staff. The suite includes six interactive programs for each of the integral groups within a child’s formative community: educator, fellow student, and parents and caregivers.

Personalized, Strategic Implementation

After carefully understanding what will be successful to reach your community, Kognito will provide a personalized implementation kit, including email templates, flyers and other promotional materials to get you up and running quickly.

Ongoing, Responsive Customer Support

Our dedicated team is with you every step of the way, helping you plan and execute both a strategic implementation and ongoing, successful usage.

On Demand, Unlimited Access to Practice and Improve

Users can return to and practice Kognito’s virtual conversations as many times as needed, whenever needed, trying different approaches, gathering further feedback, and gaining greater insight for real-life scenarios.

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Emotional & Mental Wellness for Parents & Community

  • Understand the role of emotional and mental wellness in overall health
  • Identify potentially concerning changes in behavior
  • Help children recognize and verbalize their feelings and build resiliency
  • Determine best actions in response to listening to your children

Friend2Friend: Emotional & Mental Wellness

  • Learn about mental health and wellness while reducing stigma
  • Identify warning signs of distress in peers, including verbal, behavioral, and situational clues
  • Build skills in how to approach a peer in a manner to motivate them to access support
  • Overcome barriers to help-seeking through a better understanding of potential support options

Emotional & Mental Wellness for Teachers & School Staff

  • Identify warning signs of distress, including verbal, behavioral, and situational clues, suicidal thoughts, and suicide risk
  • Learn effective communication techniques to discuss concerns, build resilience, and increase connectedness
  • Know when to refer students to further help
  • Motivate students to seek help and making a warm hand-off to support

Trauma-Informed Practices

  • Recognize when K-12 students' behavior might be the result of trauma
  • Lead a conversation with a student about what they might be feeling
  • Problem solve ways that a class or school can become a more comfortable place for students
  • Motivate students to seek help when needed and consider their needs for self-care

Emotional & Mental Wellness for Parents & Community

  • Understand positive social norms, refusal skills, and healthy coping strategies
  • Identify substance misuse and potential support services
  • Apply communication skills to help a friend
  • Create an action plan around substances based on personal values and goals

Substance Use

  • Understand the positive and powerful role that parents and caregivers play in influencing a teen's substance use
  • Conduct non-judgmental, open conversations with a teen about substance-use decision-making
  • Acquire a variety of strategies to use in engaging teens on the topic of substance use
  • Ensure a teen feels heard, which will help make it more possible for them to listen to their parents and caregivers

Kognito has been instrumental in providing training to over 1.5 million educators, administrators, students, and their communities.

Learn More About the Real-World Impact of Kognito

Prioritizing Student Mental Health: Holistic Approaches to Supporting Student Wellbeing

Last month, the U.S. Department of Education launched a Return to School Roadmap and a corresponding report that outlines strategies for addressing the impact of lost instructional time. In line with one of the Roadmap’s priorities to “build school communities and support students’ social, emotional, and mental health,” the report provides recommendations for engaging with […]

New Simulations to Enhance Parent & Community Engagement for PK-12 Schools

Kognito’s new bundle of interactive learning experiences are designed to boost parent and community engagement and help effectively lead conversations around challenging topics.

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