At-Risk for High School Educators

At-Risk for High School Educators is an interactive role-play simulation for high school educators that builds awareness, knowledge, and skills about mental health and suicide prevention, and prepares users to lead real-life conversations with students that build resilience, strengthen relationships, and connect them with support.

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PK-12 and Government/Non-Profit

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Mental Health & Well-being and Suicide Prevention

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60 Minutes

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Educators are in an ideal position to engage in early intervention and prevention of mental health issues. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 13–20% of children living in the U.S. experience a mental disorder in a given year, and suicide is the second-leading cause of death among children ages 15–24.

Adopted by more than 8,000 schools and districts nationally, this evidence-based online, CE-certified solution quickly and cost-effectively drives sustainable changes in educator behavior that support student wellness, academic performance, attendance, and school safety. Users have access to customized national, local, and school-specific resources in addition to simulation content.

The goal of At-Risk for High School Educators is to improve student wellness and school safety.

Learning objectives:

  • Increase knowledge and awareness about teen mental health and suicide
  • Identify warning signs of psychological distress and self-harm
  • Build skills in leading conversations with students in distress, discuss concerns, build resilience, and increase connectedness
  • Assess the need for referral, motivate a student to seek help, and make a warm hand-off to support
  • Understand your school's specific support services and availability

The simulation is listed in SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP). Studies show that it results in (1) statistically significant increases in mental health skills that remain significant at a 3-month follow-up point, and (2) statistically significant increases in the number of students that educators connect with, discuss concerns, and if necessary, refer to support.

A longitudinal study with over 30,000 teachers and staff found that:

  • 95% would recommend the simulation to a colleague
  • 98% would rate the simulation as good, very good, or excellent
  • 98% think that all educators in their school should take the simulation
  • 99% said it was based on scenarios relevant to their work with students

Users receive customized feedback based on their in-simulation choices.

The simulation is available online 24/7. Users are asked to complete pre-, post-, and 3-month follow up surveys to assess changes in skills. Attitudes, and behavior. Upon completion, users receive a certificate of completion.  Clients have access to usage reports and evaluation data via the Kognito client portal.

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