Calm Parents, Healthy Kids

Calm Parents, Healthy Kids is an interactive role-play simulation that builds the skills of parents to be responsive to their 2- to 5-year-old child in a calm and loving way during a series of stressful everyday situations, such as a tantrum in the supermarket or a fight with another child on the playground.

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Caregiver and Parent/Guardian

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Communication Skills

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30 Minutes

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In family settings, potentially traumatic events in childhood now known as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can have negative, lasting effects on health and well-being later in life. Developed with the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this solution builds the capacity of parents and guardians to apply effective parenting techniques that help improve family relationships and reduce ACEs.

In Calm Parents, Healthy Kids, users assume the role of a parent and engage with virtual children ages 2-5 in four stressful everyday scenarios. Users try different approaches to see what works best and have access to customized national, local, and school-specific resources in addition to simulation content.

The goal of Calm Parents, Healthy Kids is to foster strong parent-child bonds and lifelong health and well-being.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn to prepare for situations that are likely to involve parent-child conflict
  • Learn to acknowledge your emotions toward the child to respond appropriately
  • Learn to limit consequences to those that focus on the child's behavior and their sense of safety or self-esteem
  • Learn to de-escalate situations and draw attention to the desired behavior instead of the undesired

A pilot study found that parents reported increases in parental adjustment, positive encouragement, family relationships, and parental consistency, particularly in respect to dealing with a child's misbehavior. Parents reported a decrease in corporal punishment (spanking), a higher consistency in punishment for misbehavior, and less arguing with their child about behaviors between pre-test and one-month follow-up study points.

This simulation was developed with the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 

Users receive customized feedback based on their in-simulation choices.

The simulation is available online 24/7. Users are asked to complete pre-, post-, and 3-month follow up surveys to assess changes in skills. Attitudes, and behavior. Upon completion, users receive a certificate of completion.  Clients have access to usage reports and evaluation data via the Kognito client portal.

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