2023 Funding Opportunities for Higher Education

For 20 years, Kognito has assisted dozens of colleges and universities in understanding how our products align to local and federal grants. These funding options are available to help your school implement the services and resources needed to create a safe and inclusive environment.  

Whether your institution needs training programs for mental health, sexual misconduct prevention, or alcohol and substance misuse, our expert account managers can provide the program support needed to collaborate with grant writers and other staff to align your needs with Kognito products and the overall goal of the grant. 

Explore these funding options in our 2023 Higher Education Funding Guide or continue reading for highlights from the guide. 

Improving Campus Wellness with Kognito

Kognito’s practice-based experiential learning products address many critical needs in order to promote help-seeking behavior and reduce stigma. Our complete product portfolio includes trainings in the following topics: 

  • Mental health 
  • Suicide prevention 
  • Alcohol and substance misuse 
  • Belonging and inclusion 
  • Sexual misconduct prevention 
  • Veteran support 

As a result of these training programs, faculty, staff, and students build awareness, knowledge, and skills to prepare for real-life conversations about these topics. 

Learn more about our Mental Health Suite, Sexual Misconduct Prevention Suite, and our complete product portfolio.

Grant Funding Opportunities in a Nutshell 

Kognito meets the requirements for several local and federal grants.  

  1. The Mental Health Awareness and Training Grant (MHAT) prepares and trains individuals to appropriately and safely respond to persons with mental health challenges and/or disorders. Kognito trainings address mental health, suicide prevention, coping strategies, stigma reduction, and peer support. 
  2. The Garrett Lee Smith Campus Suicide Prevention Grant (Pending Approval) is designed to assist colleges and universities build the infrastructure and expand the capacity needed to support wellness and promote help-seeking behavior of all students. Kognito trainings address mental health, suicide prevention, coping strategies, stigma reduction, and peer support. 
  3. The ARP: American Rescue Plan (HEERF III) grant can be used to provide mental health services and support for students and faculty who have experienced pandemic-related trauma. Kognito training for both students and faculty address mental health, suicide prevention, coping strategies, stigma reduction, and peer support. 
  4. Title III Part A Programs – Strengthening Institutions  – These funds are intended to improve and strengthen the academic quality, institutional management, and fiscal stability of eligible institutions. Kognito offers several faculty- and staff-focused experiential trainings on mental health, belonging and inclusion, as well as sexual misconduct prevention. 
  5. The Office on Violence Against Women offers a variety of discretionary and formula grant programs designed to reduce domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking by strengthening services to victims and holding offenders accountable. Kognito’s Sexual Misconduct Prevention Suite provides both students and faculty trainings focused on harassment and consent. Dating Violence Awareness for Educators teaches the warning signs of abuse, how to identify those at risk, and when to make a referral for support.

Learn More and Get Started Today

If you’re interested in learning more about each of these funding opportunities and how Kognito’s trainings align with them, download our 2023 Higher Education Funding Guide. In addition, find out which simulations align with grant funding by contacting us today.

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