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Our blog features a variety of content from the latest trends and social issues impacting education, to interviews with subject matter experts and clients who are successfully using Kognito products. Additionally, we also feature cutting edge research from our in-house team related to student and athlete mental health, product efficacy and cultivating resiliency after trauma. Check in weekly for the latest blog updates.

What’s Missing From Your Campus Mental Health Plan?

Adequate access to counseling center services is only one piece of the puzzle. As concern for student wellbeing on campus grows, university leaders, decisionmakers, and mental health advocates are seeking ways to holistically support student mental health.

Kognito at East Carolina University

NBC Greenville, CBS Greenville, and more highlight how Eastern Carolina University is introducing Kognito simulations for faculty, staff, and students to support mental health and prevent suicide on campus.

3 Ways to Upgrade to Engaging Professional Development for Teachers

Providing more interactive, engaging professional development may help to improve teacher retention and avoid burnout.

Test Your Conversation Skills: How to Stop Bullying

How prepared are educators to recognize and respond when an incident of bullying occurs in the classroom?

The Case for Doctor-Patient Communication to Improve Healthcare Quality

As patients, we’ve probably heard “what brings you in?” as a conversation starter with our healthcare providers. The doctor-patient communication that follows is critically important to achieve safe, high quality, and cost-effective care.

Back to School with Kognito

As the 2019-2020 Back-to-School season comes to an end, learn about the exciting updates from our clients’ recent implementation efforts.

Building Consensus for School-Based Suicide Prevention in the Bay Area

Addressing school-based suicide prevention is not a simple task for schools to address on their own. Community partnerships are a valuable and effective approach for achieving a public health goal.

Kognito Training at Sarasota Schools in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune

This August, schools across Florida are utilizing Kognito simulations to help teachers and staff develop the knowledge and skills to speak with students in need of mental health support.

Kognito Implementation at Harvey Mudd College Featured in Forbes

Harvey Mudd’s Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Anna Gonzalez, speaks with Forbes about leveraging Kognito to support student mental health.

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