Case Study: Houston Area School District Uses Kognito to Train Over 8,000 Educators

Alief Independent School District (ISD) in Houston, Texas serves a diverse population of 41,000 students. Along with many other school districts in the country, Alief ISD has had a strong focus on social-emotional learning (SEL) and mental health and well-being professional development. In a proactive effort to improve the mental health and wellness of their educators and students, the district adopted several Kognito products to provide support, training, and enhance the overall school environment.

Continue reading for a brief of our findings with Alief ISD or check out the full case study here.

Embracing the Uniqueness of All Learners

Alief ISD began their partnership with Kognito through the use of our simulation Trauma-Informed Practices. They knew there was great opportunity to expand their training and provide more resources and support for students, educators, staff, and the greater community. The school district then adopted Step In, Speak Up! to empower their school counselors and build understanding and appreciation of the challenges that are faced by LGBTQ+ youth.

In addition to these two simulations for educators and school staff, Alief ISD quickly introduced three interactive role-play simulation for students:

  • Friend2Friend: Emotional & Mental Wellness – This simulation gives students hands-on practice using SEL and mental health skills, promoting peer support and lifelong wellness while reducing the stigma around conversations of mental health and suicide.
  • Friend2Friend: Substance Use – This interactive simulation is used to help students develop the skills and awareness to make positive decisions and navigate real-life situations when it comes to alcohol and other substances.
  • Friend2Friend: Safe & Caring Schools – Helping to foster a safe and supportive school community, this simulation reduces school violence through recognition of concerning behaviors and teaching open communication between students and adults.

These simulations are also included in our Mental Health & Well-being Suite and Violence Prevention Suite for a community approach to creating safe learning environments for students, educators, and staff.

What We Found

Alief ISD has successfully trained more than 8,000 educators across all grade levels with Trauma-Informed Practices. This has greatly transformed how educators help students in distress. In addition, more than 100 school counselors have completed the Step In, Speak Up! simulation to better serve LGBTQ+ students.

“The partnership with Kognito has just been wonderful. We appreciate how data-driven it is.” – Dr. Alvia Baldwin, Alief ISD, Director of Guidance and Counseling

The student simulations are expected to have a significant impact on encouraging an open dialogue around mental health, substance use, and creating a safe learning environment for all members of the school community.

Learn More from the Full Case Study

Interested in learning more? Download the full case study for a more in-depth look at Alief ISD’s success with implementation. To learn more about the simulations used at this district, contact us or try an interactive demo of these products today.

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