Funding SEL Curriculum and Professional Development

How to leverage $195B in Federal ESSER Funding

When it comes to supporting student mental health, budget is often the biggest obstacle. The good news is that there are many funding resources. However, it can feel overwhelming and you may not know where or how to start. A variety of federal and local funding can help districts bring the power of Kognito’s experiential learning to their schools, and we used our knowledge and experience to create a valuable resource that can help you simplify your search. 

Funding Sources for Kognito’s Virtual SEL Curriculum

In this guide, we share specific funding sources that can be used for Kognito’s PK-12 simulations. These funding sources include: 

  • ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief) funding 
  • Federal funding 
  • State and local funding 
  • District budgets 

Identifying the right funding sources for your school or district is important which is why we developed this concise guide. Here you’ll find information about how to leverage the recently release $195B in ESSER funding, as well as grants from the Department of Education, the Department of Justice, and SAMHSA. We also provide some tips on how Kognito’s products align to the mental health and SEL provisions of this funding. You’ll also find a list of places to look for local funding (some might surprise you!).

Get Support Throughout the Grant Process

The grant process can feel daunting, however, it can be approached in the following steps: 

  1. Find 
  2. Apply 
  3. Receive 
  4. Report

Our updated funding guide outlines specific sources and includes five grant application tips to get you started. It also features a section with key Kognito facts that can be a helpful resource as you’re completing your application. Our Client Success Team can provide further assistance, and can even help you map grant objectives to Kognito metrics to help with data collection and performance assessment, two items often required in the grant submission process.

Why Invest in SEL? 

An investment in SEL is a school’s commitment to overall student health, the well-being of teachers, academic success, and improved school climate. These are all positive outcomes realized through SEL.

While you can’t put a price on the full human impact, investing in SEL has been shown to be financially sound. A cost-benefit analysis found that for every dollar invested in SEL, there was an $11 return in the form of reduced delinquency, decreased substance misuse, and other long-term benefits.

About Kognito’s PK-12 SEL Products 

Kognito’s dynamic, experiential learning products for PK-12 educators, students, and parents are practice-based for maximum impact. Our online SEL curriculum aligns with CASEL’s updated SEL definition, and our new suite, Mental Health & Well-being, takes a whole child approach to building awareness, knowledge, and skills around emotional and mental wellness. Learn more about how Kognito can help bolster your district’s efforts at

Download Your Funding Guide

Ready to identity the funding that can help your district support student mental health and wellbeing? Download the funding guide to simplify your search, and contact us at for additional questions.

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