GLS Grant Supports Expanding Campus Suicide Prevention Efforts

University of New Hampshire (UNH) is a public research university with a 150-year history. Today the school serves more than 15,000 students on its three campuses.
UNH is dedicated to offering high-quality health services and programs for the safety and development of its students. In 2015, UNH became the recipient of an SAMSHA Campus Suicide Prevention Grant authorized under the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act. As part of that commitment, the school is continuing to enhance in-person and online suicide prevention training, as well as offering more tailored and sustainable programs and educational materials to the campus. UNH is expanding the safety net through providing best practices training for college students, faculty and staff, LGBTQ populations, and student veterans/military-connected students.

UNH is using Kognito’s full suite of Higher Ed role-play simulations: At-Risk for University and College Faculty & Staff, At-Risk for College Students, LGBTQ on Campus for Faculty & Staff, LGBTQ on Campus for Students, Veterans on Campus for Faculty & Staff, and Veterans on Campus: Peer Program. The school has set a goal to train a total of 2,000 students each year of the grant on the three peer Kognito programs as well as 500 faculty and staff each year on the three faculty/staff programs, for a total of 7,500 campus members.

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