Single Sign-On Access Supports Campus-wide Use

Founded in 1867, the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (“UI”) is a top-ranked public research university serving more than 44,000 students. Having experienced student suicides in the past, campus leadership has a strong commitment to publicizing resources available for students in crisis. University officials view it as a public health concern that drives an imperative “to provision for services around identifying and being aware of warning signs.”
To ensure students who are distressed get the support they need, the University of Illinois Counseling Center has partnered with Kognito to make its online role-play simulations a primary resource for its campus-wide safety net. UI first introduced At-Risk for University and College Faculty & Staff and At-Risk for College Students as part of an Illinois statewide higher education suicide prevention initiative. Today, the school has expanded its offering, adding Kognito’s LGBTQ on Campus, Veterans on Campus, SBI Skills Assessment, and At-Risk in Primary Care simulations. All simulations are accessed on the university’s counseling center website with a single sign-on. UI promotes the simulations year round through communications outreach and on-campus promotional efforts to its students, faculty, staff, parents, and partners.

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