Harnessing the Power of Conversations with Virtual Humans to Change Health Behaviors

“Kognito simulations have demonstrated a capability to address major health and public health concerns where effective conversations are necessary to bring about changes in social, emotional, and physical health,” concludes a peer-reviewed paper published in the Journal of mHealth. The mHealth Journal is an international publication that brings the latest professional developments in mHealth and digital health technologies to healthcare and industry professionals around the world. 
This 2016 study provides a comprehensive look at the power of conversation to improve health and describes the innovative virtual patient role-play simulations Kognito has pioneered. Numerous longitudinal studies highlighted in the paper have shown that users who complete Kognito simulations demonstrate statistically significant and sustained improvements in preparedness, confidence, and likelihood to better manage conversations. Across populations, Kognito’s learning model and simulations resulted in positive behavior change, from increased referrals of students, patients, or veterans in psychological distress, to mental health support services, improving patient-centered communication or patient self-confidence, and active involvement in their care plan. Access the full research

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