Kognito at Tufts University

Read an excerpt below, and explore the full announcement here.

We are excited to announce the launch of Kognito, a mental-health education platform, for all faculty, staff, and student leaders. Kognito is a simulation-based online educational program that allows users to practice conversations designed to help students build resilience, strengthen relationships, and develop connections with campus resources. The platform has also been designed to support academic performance, student retention, and campus safety. It has been used by over 100 colleges and universities, training almost 60,000 faculty and staff and two million students.

We are happy to offer this resource to you and strongly encourage all faculty and staff to create an account with Kognito. You may use the platform at any time to help expand your knowledge and develop skills around student mental health and support.

To read more about Kognito implementations at colleges and universities across the country, head here.

Remote Learning with Kognito

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