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Build Critical Communication and Life Skills

Kognito experiential learning solutions give students, faculty, and staff the confidence to start more conversations and build a positive school culture that fosters connectedness.


Kognito's evidence-based solutions provide learners with a risk-free practice environment to develop skills while giving them the freedom to explore different conversational tactics which build the confidence to address difficult topics in real-life conversations.

Research Proven

Multiple empirical and longitudinal studies demonstrate that our simulations drive behaviors among learners which result in statistically significant changes in knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Measurable Impact

Kognito's conversation platform equips clients with robust administrative tools to allow for easy usage tracking and to monitor compliance. Customizable pre and post-surveys support program evaluation and measure changes in training efficacy and behavior change.

Brief & Scalable

Unlike conventional one-day workshops, our virtual simulations are available on demand with an estimated seat time of between 30-75 minutes. Each simulation is accessible at anytime from anywhere via desktop or mobile devices.

Explore Our Evidence-based Practice Solutions

bullying prevention training for students

Friend2Friend: Bullying Prevention

  • Develop social awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships
  • Use communication skills to elicit the perspectives of others
  • Engage in strategies for maintaining constructive relationships including pursuing shared interests and activities, spending time together, giving and receiving help, and practicing forgiveness and apologies
  • Appreciate diversity and build relationships with diverse individuals or groups
  • Identify positive support people to seek out in a conflict or crisis
bullying prevention training for students

Friend2Friend: Emotional & Mental Wellness

  • Learn about mental health and wellness while reducing the stigma
  • Identify warning signs of psychological distress, including verbal, behavioral, and situational clues
  • Build skills to approach a peer in a manner to motivate them to access support
  • Become comfortable asking a friend if they are thinking about suicide



Friend2Friend: Resiliency & Growth

  • Name and manage the emotions from challenges and failures
  • Recognize emotions and unhelpful thoughts and use self-talk to reframe them
  • Learn and grow from experiences, including failure
  • Analyze mistakes to see what can be learned
  • Plan for skills, values, and resources that can help in the future



Violence Prevention Scenarios

Friend2Friend: Safe & Caring Schools

  • Identify own emotions and those of others as they relate to concerns including bullying, harassment, self-harm, and threats
  • Recognize when a peer's actions or statements need to be shared with adults
  • Investigate ways to encourage a peer in distress to open up to an adult
  • Recognize role in creating a safe and supportive school climate
  • Feel comfortable and empowered to share concerns with an adult
  • Understand potential resources and the roles of trusted adults
Violence Prevention Scenarios
Friend2Friend: Substance Use Prevention

Friend2Friend: Substance Use

  • Understand positive social norms and refusal skills
  • Understand the differences between healthy and unhealthy coping strategies
  • Analyze risks associated with substance use
  • Identify substance misuse and potential support services
  • Understand how positive self-concept can be used to help self and others
  • Apply communication skills to help a friend
  • Create an action plan around substances based on personal values and goals


Friend2Friend: Substance Use Prevention

Encourages More Students to Seek Help

would recommend

who completed a Friend2Friend training said they would recommend the simulation to their friends

help-seeking rate

The help-seeking rate of Kognito trainees is twice that of untrained students

more self-referrals

Training 14 students in Kognito leads to 1 additional self-referral to support

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